Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to purchase anything to be a part of the contests?

Absolutely not! To be entered into our contests, all you need to do is go to the contest section of our website (here) and click on the contests that you want to enter. Click on the button that says Enter Me To Win on that page, and you’ll be tagged to that contest pool, so when we pick a winner you’ll have a good chance to win! We announce winners via email, so we will ask for your email address when you enter. That’s it.

What can I do to have better chances of winning?

We make our contests highly winnable, plus it’s easy (and free) to increase your chances of winning. We announce new contests and winners via email, so when you open more emails from Outdoor Contest, it helps our deliverability and you are more likely to get more winning notifications and other giveaway offers from us, meaning if you choose to be a part of our new giveaways when we release them, you’ll have a greater chance of multiple giveaways.

What do you normally give away?

We give away survival gear, tactical gadgets,

How do you afford to do all of these giveaways

We offer discounted products behind some contests, but no purchase is necessary to win!

When are winners announced?

Winners are announced daily, weekly and monthly. This depends on the size of the giveaway. To get an exact time frame on how often we announce winners, please look at the specific contest you’re interested in.

How are winners announced?

Winners are announced in our emails. Some emails will say “Winners Inside” on the subject line, some may not, so make sure you are opening all of the emails from Outdoor Contest to get the highest chances of seeing your name on the winners list.

Do you have any products for sale?

You will see discounted products behind some contests. They are there for 2 reasons.

That is a source of income for the business, it pays for more, bigger and better contests, salaries of employees, and email sending costs (they are expensive).

I love survival equipment, camping tools, knives, and tactical gadgets, can’t get enough of them and pretty much buy them all – so when I see something I think is a great deal, I share it with you.